Our Story


We feel our distillery’s distinction is in our story – a story rooted in honor and bravery.  With our founders’ brotherly bond first formed through their service together as volunteer firemen, it was no question that firefighting would be the essence of our distillery’s brand.  

Chief Operations Officer, Mark Farrell, and Chief Distilling Officer, Devin Flickinger, served side by side as volunteer firefighters for Monroe Township for over 13 years.  It is from this emergency service background and newfound passion for starting a distillery that we found our name. 


the hook & Flask name

The combination of the traditional multi-purpose firefighting tool, hook, with the common container for spirits, flask, proved to be the perfect pair for the name of our new venture.

Hook & Flask was built to serve our patrons quality craft in a welcoming atmosphere that honors our brothers and sisters who risk their lives every day for the service and safety of others.  Our story’s foundation and continued mission is to serve our community. Come and raise a glass with us in support and honor of these courageous spirits!


Hook & Flask Still Works has been thoughtfully designed as a tribute to all firefighters and emergency service personnel who risk their lives for the safety of others.  The spirit of courage, care and dedication to their community is poured into every bottle. Visit us and enjoy the taste of quality craft as you admire local tradition with appreciation of these neighborhood heroes.  All first responders and military personnel receive 10% off all food.  


Hook & Flask is the first distillery open in Carlisle, Pa. since Prohibition.  During the 1920s era, Carlisle had several establishments for spirit production that closed such as John S. Low’s Carlisle Bottling Works that was located along the first block of North Pitt Street.  We are excited to have our doors open and feature locally-sourced grain and ingredients in our craft cocktails and from scratch food to spark the “spirit” back into downtown Carlisle.


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